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Enews 08/08/11

war rugs, pomegranates, and other musings...
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The War Rug Project in Grand Rapids is less than a month away...

Plans are underway for the War Rug Project installation next month. Starting on September 6, I will be building the first 9/11 Afghan War Rug out of loose spices in a temporary installation at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. All of the eight previous war rugs I've recreated have been found on Ebay -- and the 9/11 Rug will be no exception. Here is its Ebay listing, which provides the title of the artwork and the monoprints:

The "Twin Towers-Tribute Rug Carpet-9/11 2001- USA History" has arrived from Tucson, and I'm planning the spices and construction process now.
These 9/11 rugs are different from the Soviet-era carpets.
They draw from media imagery and images from US/Coalition Forces propaganda, like this image of flags and a dove of peace that was made into stickers and leaflets:
courtesy of

HEARTFELT THANKS TO the following people who've lent their support to the War Rug Project:
Chuck Thurow + Kathy Banzhaf + Karen Paluzzi Steele + Pooja Vukosavich
+ Kristin Dean + Chris Gent + Laura Samson + Kristin Patton + Carol Reisinger + David Hinkamp + Marguerite Horberg + Dianna Frid + Esther Grimm + Carolina Jayaram + Beverly Koenen (thanks Mom!) + Robert Tassone

Each has helped me raise $5,000 to cover costs associated with the War Rug Project installation at the Grand Rapids Art Museum: Framing three large spice monoprints. Building a platform for the new 9/11 war rug. Shipping the artwork. Documenting the creation and the destruction of the new war rug. Designing and printing a War Rug Project trading card. Producing a book about the project.

 And no doubt something else I haven't thought of yet! All of these add up to a great exhibit, and a bit of an investment. If you can help with a gift of anywhere from $10 to $5,000, I have a gift for you, along with heartfelt gratitude. See the new gift options and learn more about the War Rug Project on my Indie Go Go webpage.

I'll be giving an Artist Talk on Sunday September 11, 2011 at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. We don't hear enough about the women of Afghanistan, so I'll be talking about them and their troubled situation. Some articles I'm reading now in preparation include
Afghan Women at the Crossroads by Michael Soussan
It is impossible to say, now, what would have happened... by Geraldine Brooks
Why Peace is the Business of Men... and Shouldn't Be by Ann Jones
Afghan Women under Tyranny
and the video "ReThink Afghanistan - Women"

If you have any questions, suggestions or thoughts you'd like to share about the War Rug Project, please email me at

Pass along this email to let your friends know about the War Rug Project as it develops, and remind them to sign up for Enews.

Thanks for your support!

Barbara Koenen

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